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You can contact us at 982286100, through any of our 60 phone extensions you can contact the commercial department for any management you need.

Through general email address ventas@jimsports.com

Via FAX or website  www.jimsports.com

You can process your orders in real time through our web platform from the customer area*

*This service requires you to be registered to access it. If you are not, request it by sending an email to the info@jimsports.com customer service department or by requesting it from any of our commercial partners.


The consumer and user is obliged to inform the seller of the defect, of the lack of conformity, at the moment the problem is detected.

According to the current Guarantees Act, the warranty period provides for a product defect response coverage for the two years following the delivery date.


A deadline is set for the return of items, in case of a waiver of purchase by the customer, provided that written notice is given (email, fax, preferably) within 48 hours after delivery.

It is essential that the returned product comes in its original packaging and in perfect condition; just as you would like to receive it in store. Jim Sports will not accept any return that does not meet this requirement, nor will it be responsible for returns of liquidation or discontinued material. The return costs, as well as the shipping costs -in case they were not expressly paid by the customer at the time- will be at the customer’s expense.

Any type of incident must be processed within 24 hours of receipt of the order, a period set by the insurers of the transport agencies. Beyond this deadline, such a claim would be unreasonable and could not be met.


In order to be able to respond to product/shipment claims received, it is necessary to establish a procedure that is common for any shipment receipt.

For this, we recommend the following protocol for the reception of any expedition:

On arrival check that the number of packages you receive matches those specified on the carrier’s delivery note.

Note carefully that the packages are not damaged, open or partially open. If you detect these incidents and give it to the carrier before he’s gone.

Verify that the contents of the expedition coincide with the items specified on the delivery note and that they are in perfect condition.

If any product is not compliant or damaged, notify our sales department within 24 hours.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THESE RECOMMENDATIONS THAT WE MAKE TO YOU. Otherwise, we will not be able to act properly and therefore cannot be held responsible for any incidents that may occur.