Jim Sports Group manufactures, designs and delivers around twenty sport brands from different fields of the sport world:

Collectives, padel, swimming, team sports, martial arts…

Among them you will find our own brands as Softee, or exclusive distributions like Rox, Sigma or Mikasa.
Plenty of names covering more than 17.000 references available in our general catalogue.
Discover them all!

Softee is the origin, the pioneering brand that grew up side by side with Jim Sports,
and gradually positioned itself within the sports market as a competitive first-prize brand, supported by its guarantee and quality label.
In recent years, its products have gained value, making Softee a reference in many sports sectors.

Nowadays, our general catalogue has more than 6,000 references that cover all the needs of many sport fields. Under our Softee brand you will find everything from balloons to textile to any sports accessory. 

The weight of racket sports in Jim Sports' economic activity led to create the Softee Padel brand and its corresponding project. An initiative born to encompass the promotion and positioning of the main brand, Softee, in the field of padel.

A constantly growing brand, always sheltered from the support of those who rely on quality, solidity and projection. In addition to the product line, Softee Padel reinforces its reputation thanks to the network of professionals who support the project in the fight for a place on the difficult padel market.
National and international figures such as Aday Santana, Raquel Piltcher, Chico Gomes or Isabel Domínguez represent the brand's values.

The Softee Equipment brand includes the whole inventory of equipment that Jim Sports manufactures through its own metalwork, Metal Power, located in Triacastela (Lugo).

Metal Power manufactures all the equipment according to the current standards and the most ambitious quality standards that characterize our Group. The aesthetics of the design that makes a sports facility usable and attractive.

In addition to standard dimensions, Softee Equipment manufactures parts on demand to meet all the needs of facilities and users at any time.

Squba is the Jim Sports Group brand designed for swimming fashion and it's nowadays a reference in this market. Under that brand a collection of products is offered in which premium quality and durability prevail.
We offer the design and functionality that any nautical sport user is looking for.

Made of premium materials, Squba offers swimwear for men, women and kids, as well as aquatic accessories such as microfiber towels, snorkels, cups or swim goggles. Squba presents a collection of swimsuits in special sizes to accommodate the ergonomics of your body.

Try Squba and dive in style!

Nowadays sport has moved inside of our houses. Deportium is the solution to equip gymnastic machines at a domestic level. A very wide range: elliptical, exercise bikes, motorized mats, rowing machines or abdominal benches are just some of the main products of this brand.

Jim Sports has its own technical service to solve all the brand’s products problems, as well as a guarantee commitment for each of the products.

Judo, karate or wrestling are trending disciplines. Therefore, Jim Sports launched the Yosihiro brand for all martial arts lovers.

Under this brand you can have have judoguis and karateguis made with the best materials, allowing the required freedom of movement at any time.

Fullboxing is the brand specialized in the world of boxing. A very specialized sport with very demanding customers.

Under this brand a large number of references such as gloves, bandages and boxing bags. We prioritize design and quality under a brand that has been ringing a bell for years.

With 40 years following the market trends, Rox is a reference brand under the Spanish sports field with all kind of products and leading the first prices range market.

A collection for all audiences: men, women and kids following the current market trends, providing the end user with a good product in value for money.

The brand from Madrid with its iconic snake has positioned itself, since its origins in 2011, as a reference within the padel market, being characterized by its high quality and the highest care of its image. It soon earned a place among the most demanding players, who are looking for advanced rackets, the latest technologies and the most exclusive designs.

Jim Sports manages the manufacture, distribution and marketing of this brand since 2019, maintaining the philosophy established in its origins and taking it to the highest peak.

The legendary valencian padel brand, Enebe, has reappeared after two years of inactivity thanks to Jim Sports. At the time, Enebe, a reference within the padel courts in the Valencian Community, was one of the best options in terms of quality-price ratio.

Maintaining this essence and adding the strength and experience of Jim Sports in the padel market, the entity assumes the management of the brand to return it to the top of his sport and give it a new dimension.

Spich llega al mercado de la mano de Jim Sports en un momento en el que la demanda de estos productos se ha incrementado exponencialmente por la gran importancia que tiene el cuidado tanto físico como mental. La colección cuenta con tres productos en formato de 220 ml perfecto para guardar y transportar en tu bolsa de deporte. Puedes consultar toda la colección aquí.

Pangea aterriza en el mercado de la nutrición con una colección básica de ocho suplementos alimenticios. Formulado para mejorar el cuerpo y la mente de las personas deportistas. Todos los productos están desarrollados con los mejores ingredientes y fórmulas. Conoce toda la colección aquí y contacta con nuestro equipo comercial para obtener más información.