We are the largest distributor of sports equipment in Spain. We have been growing for more than 20 years with professionals in the sector.

Together we share a common goal, that our products reach more people every day and thus help the sports culture grow. To do this, Jim Sports turns mainly to the sport base, the cradle of all those who break records.


The idea was born in 70 m2, which measured the garage of its founder’s house.  The adventure began more than two decades ago, when Jesús Manuel Graña decided to buy a basketball container, it was the company’s first reference.

The first steps were not easy, but once the pulse was taken to the sector, Jim decided to consolidate his initial idea and create Jim Sports. Little by little, the company has grown to become a reference in the sector, currently counting, with more than 15,000 products that make up the largest sporting inventory in the country.

All of them stored in Palas de Rei. The company continues to grow expanding in different countries and keeping in mind that having the product is the only way to guarantee a good service.

Because all the big ones, one day they were small…