In 1996, Jesús Manuel Graña "Jim" decided to risk buying a container of basketball balls, few of us could imagine that it would be the first link in a trajectory that has not stopped growing. At that time, by combining good decision-making, the risk of starting a new entrepreneurial activity, and a direct knowledge of the field of sport, Jim Sports Technology was born.

Own production: Jim Sports Label

A good market response and the creation of new targets have led to the need to have a factory specialized in sports facilities and equipment. This was the principle of Metal Power, the group company that brings its own seal to the material leaving its facilities in Triacastela (Lugo) directly to the customer, national and international.

In 2006, with a strong presence in the sports distribution market, Eme Inversia 72 was designed to meet the needs of design and screen printing applied to sports equipment. The daily life of Eme Inversia focuses on the import and sale of advertising material, with a serigraphy workshop in its facilities in Melide, by offering the customer a full service so that his products arrive personalized and guaranteed of being tailor-made.

The construction of sports facilities is channeled in the Jim Sports Group through its company Sport Equipalia, which under its brand Pavigrass, has become leader in implementing paddle courts throughout Spain, opening in recent years. to the international market.

In this way, the Group of Companies established between the provinces of Lugo and A Coruña has managed to position itself in a competitive position in all areas of the sports sector.

Jim Sports Technology S.L. is the is the oldest company and the group's head. Its main activity is the import, domestic sale and export of all types of sports equipment.

The company has a sales people network with a great expertise in sports equipment, as well as each of the items that make up the various catalogues of Jim Sports.

The personalized attention through 24 telephone lines is offered in uninterrupted hours from 09h to 20h, and is another key asset to offer the efficient and agile service that the Galician company pursues.

We are at:

Polígono Industrial Palas de Rei S/N.
27200 Palas de Rei (Lugo)

Teléfono: 982 286 100
Email: ventas@jimsports.com

Metal Power is the company dedicated to metal carpentry that constitutes, since 2006, the factory of all the structure and sports equipment that bears the label of the Jim Sports Group. Its facilities are located in the town hall of Triacastela in Lucerne.

Check out all the equipment produced by Metal Power in the Softee Equipment Catalogue.

We are at:


C.P. 27632 Triacastela (Lugo)

Phone: 982 187 347

E-mail: fabrica@metalpowersl.com

Pavigrass is the sports brand of the Jim Sports Group, which offers an integral solution: from project design to implementation, monitoring and maintenance.

The team of the company Sport Equipalia, which develops the Pavigrass projects, manufacturing and installation, makes available to the customer a wide range of high quality products and innovation on the market, which makes the brand the first paddle track manufacturer in Galicia.

Paddle courts, football fields and all kinds of sports fields have arrived not only throughout Spain, but also on the international territory. Sport Equipalia has installed paddle tracks in cities like London or Lisbon, always under its own brand Pavigrass.

On the website of Sport Equipalia, you will find a catalogue of our works, which cover the whole range of needs of sports works.

We are at:

Polígono Industrial Palas de Rei S/N.

27200 Palas de Rei (Lugo)

Phone/Fax: 982 286 100 / 982 286 151

Web: www.sportequipalia.com

Eme Inversia is the group’s company in charge of designing, serigraphy, printing and everything from images to product customization.

With its own serigraphy workshop, Eme offers personalised works ranging from hundreds of screen-printed sports items (pool caps, tactical files, equipment, etc.), to creative ideas for corporate gifts, merchandising and promotions, designed for advertising campaigns, events, fairs and congresses.

Even if Eme has its own website, where you will find a full description of its services, you can consult its General Catalogue here.

We are at:

Polígono Industrial Palas de Rei S/N

27200 Palas de Rei (Lugo)

Téléphone : 982 286 100

Web: www.emeinversia.com

In recent years, the Jim Sports Group has opted to open new business paths towards the real estate sector, and has done so by creating Grinverter S.L.

At the moment, this entity has land ready for sale, as well as commercial low and single-family homes for rent with right to purchase or for immediate purchase.

Grinverter offers properties in coastal towns such as Malpica de Bergantiños (A Coruña) or Foz (Lugo), as well as apartments and chalets recently built -and currently under construction- in the town of Melide in Coruña.

Any questions regarding the availability of land or housing, both for purchase and rental, can be addressed to the following contact:

Polígono Industrial Palas de Rei S/N

27200 Palas de Rei (Lugo)

Phone : 982 286 100 Ext. 709

Email: oscarsanchez@jimsports.com